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Friedrichstraße 52
D - 60323 Frankfurt / Main


This site provides information on Reysen Competition Advice & Advocacy (RCAA), a boutique law firm that focusses on competition law related issues. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium, RCAA lawyers are experts in EU and German competition law as well as the provision of strategic advice on the impact of competition rules and public policy on commercial strategies on a world-wide level.

Our approach







RCAA – strives to provide high quality, personal advice and effective advocacy in the area of competition law. We aim to provide

  • client focused advice based on intellectual rigour, legal and commercial curiosity, and the joy and satisfaction derived from legal work,

  • the willingness to invest in long-term client relationships, and

  • effective structures and decision making processes that give us the flexibility to tailor our service to the needs and expectations of the individual client.

To truly advise and advocate on our clients behalf

At RCAA we focus on a single objective  to provide our clients with high quality advice and advocacy in the area of competition law. We strive to combine this with a sound understanding of business needs and the requirements of other areas of the law. We benefit from the fact that our specialization gives us the depth and reach to excel in one of the areas of the law that are of crucial importance to our clients.

We believe that giving legal advice and advocating on behalf of our clients cannot be just a service  for us it is a matter of deep personal commitment to our clients. In every single case, whether small or large, we are there to make their cause our own. We work hard to deliver more than a technical legal assessment. True advice  just as much as effective advocacy  first and foremost requires attention, the willingness to listen, and to take the client seriously. As the sheer number of lawyers on a firm's payroll is being replaced by modern technology or contract lawyers, what matters most cannot be replaced: a willingness to listen, experience, and sound judgment. While we are happy to embrace modern means of preparing and delivering legal analysis, it is in relation to these core values where we are decidedly old fashioned. We will give partner attention to a client's concerns in every matter  because their questions matter to them. We are flexible to quickly and effectively deal with small questions as they arise and are committed to give complex matters the full attention they deserve. We will invest in relationships with clients and colleagues around the world so that we can become true and trusted advisers.

Even in a globalizing world, location matters  and this is why we are in Brussels and Frankfurt. Our Brussels presence puts us into daily contact with those who shape competition policy in Europe and handle real life competition cases. Frankfurt gives us a presence in the heart of the German business community where it intersects with the global economy. This places us where you need us most  to soundly advise you and to effectively advocate on your behalf in all competition law matter.

About RCAA

Find out about our clients, our profile, and what we believe defines us: our organization, mission, methods, and why we feel the urge to make our clients'  issues our own.


About the Issues

Find out about the type of competition law issues our clients are facing and which we help them to address with legally sound, commercially viable, real life solutions.

About the Team

Who are the people behind RCAA? Find out who we are, what drives us in what we do, what our background is, and how we can be reached in case you have a question.